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Why should I register?

The registration is required, because we need to create for you an account with a password. Also we need your email address and phone number to contact you on the questions concerning your orders.

What checks are performed during registration?

Before registering you as a customer in our store we need to make sure that you are the owner of a specified contract with VISION. Otherwise, if someone else will register using your contract number, you will not know the password for this account.

Therefore we always ask the owner to enter the contract data which are not widely known. These include the date of birth and the last five digits of the passport. If these data do not match the data in the specified contract, we could not consider you the true owner of this contract and will refuse to register you as a customer of our online store.

How to enter the registration data correctly?

Contract number should be entered exactly as it is written in your paper copy of the contract. This number will become your login name.

Date of birth should match exactly that in your contract.

Last 5 digits of passport number – be sure to use that passport number which you specified in the contract, even if you changed the passport later.

E-mail – enter your valid email address. We will use this address to send you notifications concerning your orders. The same address will be used to remind you the password, if you forget it.

Phone number will be used to contact you if we need to clarify the parameters of your order or delivery time.

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